Post Graduate Academic Re-entry

Having completed a Bachelors of Science reading Economics and Mathematics, my opinion towards Higher Education could be summed up as “I’m paying 9k for a piece of paper”

I couldn’t be more wrong.

Aware of my position in the school to debt pipeline, I was unaware how much these experiences would shape my thinking and decision making, leading to this very moment.

The opportunity for an iconoclastic gesture is already present in the thought.

It’s sticky, and operates as both Image and Icon.

The next (il)logical step was to destroy it, placing the ashes in an appropriate vessel.

A hip-flask-cum-urn.

Urn, 2017. Engraved pewter hip flash
from University gift shop
containing degree ashes.

Somewhere in this gesture is a pillar of my pedagogy.

zziisshh, behind the ii’s.