Race – Teaching

Applying all this learning to the context of teaching racialised individuals is to listen for clear self-identification and expressions of self.

I am reminded to pay attention to the intersections of race, which in the context of illustration involve gender, geography, sexuality and interests. These are whole individuals and should be seen/treated/heard as such.

It is also vitally important to utilise trigger warnings and maintain a duty of care to our Black students. Anti-blackness and misogynoir exist within communities of colour.

In my practice, I will source more positive images of people of colour. I have seen plenty of pain.

In the context of BA Illustration, I will introduce more Black artists and Intersectional Artists of Colour, with specific attention paid to positive images of Black artists.

I will do more reading, there is so much to catch up on.

I will speak to my students about their creative dreams and fears.
I will bravely share mine.
We will speculate on strategies of survival.
We will survive.


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